ZOOM brings together an integrated array of world-class physical therapy and sports performance training services to enhance and improve your total physical well-being. Whether you are a patient recovering from orthopedic surgery, an athlete training to get to the next level, an injured weekend warrior or an executive athlete looking to address the physiological effects of the business world, ZOOM has a customized solution to help you enhance your optimum human performance. Putting you at the very top of your game and way out in front of the competition.

We have the
athlete down
to a science.

Youth, High School, Collegiate and Pro sports performance training programs for 30 specific sports.

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High tech.
High touch.

ZOOM provides the very best in physical therapy, sports injury, rehabilitation, extended therapy and back-to-sport programs.

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Elevate your
fitness factor.

Personalized training for individual performance goals and all levels of fitness and ages.

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Life is too short
to be slow.

ZOOM offers speed training programs that are the perfect compliment to any sports strength and conditioning program.

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If you can't skate
you don't rate.

Skate with more speed, strength, power and quickness at ZOOM in the Dr Pepper Arena in Frisco, TX.

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Fast kids.
Happy kids.

Our youth program is complex and systematic-focusing on progression and development.

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Elite Training Program
Team Training
ZOOM Inside the Dr. Pepper Arena!